Making a request

Setting up your data connection

Instantiate a data provider, for example using the generic Http data provider:

use Strata\Data\Http\Http;

$api = new Http('');

If you need to setup any See authentication


To make a request use a concrete method from the data provider, these are different for different types of providers. See data providers for documentation.

The generic Http data provider supports request methods such as get(), post() and exists().

The Rest data provider automatically decodes data as JSON.

The GraphQL data provider supports request methods such as ping() and query().

an available Data class. RestApi supports things like get and post, GraphQL has a query method. Full details on available methods appear below.

$response = $api->get('posts');

HTTP requests only run once you access data. For example:

$item = $response->getContents();

At this point the HTTP request is made and if an error occurs an exception is thrown.

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